Here are some of the best spots for celebrating in the city, from traditional beer halls to local breweries.
A large section of Forest Avenue in West Brighton will be shut to vehicular traffic and populated with a food court and a beer garden, among other attractions.
We've got a few stein-raising moments of our own throughout September, October and even into November. Here, a few options to do your wurst on some German fare and drink.
The Bay 9 pavilion will house Wildfeast Foods for the winter, offering fresh seafood, local meats and vegetables and lots of fun events.
All the brats, beers and oompah bands you can handle.
There's also a huge food event happening outdoors on the LES.
How about a bacon cheddar-stuffed brat on your burger?
Plus, Smorgasburg comes to Central Park!
From Bowery brew parties to star-studded affairs in Astoria, there's a whole slew of hoppy hours to attend. Prost!
From the 100-year-old beer gardens in Queens to the bro-d out Midtown joints, there's an Oktoberfest celebration for everyone.
Time to add one more Oktoberfest event to your busy drinking schedule.
Our friends in Germany have already put away over 3.6 million liters of beer since Oktoberfest began. Think we can beat that number?
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