Environmentalists are watching ports in New York and New Jersey while the United States prepares to halt the intake of Russian fossil fuels.
A new bill passed by the City Council aims to reduce the use of plastic straws.
Some environmentalists celebrated the closure due to the energy plant’s proximity to New York City, but it has sinister immediate implications for the state’s climate goals.
Emergency personnel are responding to a major diesel fuel spill inside the basement of a Midtown building.
He also got hefty campaign contributions from a chief executive of a company behind the oil pipeline.
Newtown Creek, the only place in Brooklyn where you can get a gratis black mayonnaise facial, has been awarded a $16 million settlement in exchange for the decades of environmental atrocities wrought upon its waters.
Greenpoint is about to get a $19.5 million cash infusion to help mitigate some of the damage caused by the gallons upon gallons (up to 30 million, actually) of oil that seeped across the neighborhood during its former life housing Brooklyn's refineries.
Earlier today, the vice president accused the U.S. and other countries of poisoning him with cancer.
Listen to the collective gasp and the crash of monocles that is reserved for wasted liquor and public embarrassment, not the poisoning of nature by millions of gallons of spilled crude. Metaphors!
Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, the man convicted of the Pan Am 103 bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland, killing 270 were killed (189 of them Americans), has died, according to his brother.
"Although the former Vice President and his family do not know the identity of the donor, they will be forever grateful for this lifesaving gift."
Luckily for this giant, fragile, beautiful marble we all live on, the largest plaintiff in the suit, the federal government, is not party to the settlement.
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