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"It affected me to the point I don’t trust the police...When I see a cop now, the first thing I’m thinking is, it’s going to be crazy before it’s going to be something good."

A Manhattan psychologist was pulled over for a traffic violation this week—and the officer who pulled him over found out that stopping a shrink can be as much of a drag as going to one.

“When they pulled him out of the car, his legs were hanging, dangling, it was terrible, there was blood everywhere,” said one witness.

"In the year 2011, somebody calling an African-American officer a boy is simply unacceptable. This incident is part of a larger problem of race with that precinct," said lawyer Norman Siegel.

A Long Island officer was arrested today and accused of forcing a woman to grope him during a traffic stop...and then harassing her with phone calls for a date afterwards.

Over the weekend, we learned a bit about Pipo-kun, the official mascot

A NYPD detective pulled a Plaxico Burress today, mistakenly shooting herself

Via Newsday An off-duty NYPD officer was killed in a messy

Police Officer Sonya Glover has been awarded $80,000 in a settlement

(Ben Muessig/Gothamist) Brooklyn Bridge Park has been open for three days—which