Office of emergency management

Several thousand people lost power in Brooklyn and Queens.
The city has recognized 20 employees for outstanding work with a special pandemic edition of the annual Frederick O’Reilly Hayes Prize.
"We're not going to quit, obviously," said Con Edison president Tim Cawley.
Do you feel safer, knowing that our shores will soon be guarded by a troop of humongous dirt snakes?
Maybe NYC needs an Office Of Awkwardness Management?
Run home to mama.
And today is the NYC Triathlon!
These new post-disaster housing units are pretty nice.
Godzilla is poised to destroy the world all over again this weekend, but the NYC Office of Emergency Management is totally on top of it.
Maybe you will need your precious umbrella.
De Blasio's snowy baptism continues.
In case you're wondering what those fighter planes are doing flying
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