Dressing up your baby as a concentration camp victim is truly disturbing. And not the spooky, fun kind of disturbing.
Forget the Washington Redskins controversy—only one very brave, very sensitive man has the cajones to propose changing "the most offensive name in American sports: The New York Yankees."
Several people have written us to confirm that the car plastered with a ridiculous amount of offensive bumper stickers is real.
One Brooklyn resident chanced upon the car in the photo above in Brooklyn. "It almost caused me to have an accident," the tipster said. "I managed to stop and take a photo." [Update Below]
Amazon has been hit with a lot of criticism in recent days for selling offensive T-shirts advocating violence and rape against women.
Maybe if this lady had bigger knockers there'd be something to talk about.
Mike Tyson has some highly charged thoughts regarding rumors that Sarah Palin once bedded Glen Rice. Also, "wombshifter."
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A Queens Democrat has sent out mailings illustrated with a swastika
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Though some people may have laughed at Saturday Night Live's depiction of
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