Off duty

The NY State police says that the Maserati one NYPD officer was driving hit a tree and then landed on its back.
An off-duty NYPD officer has been arrested for allegedly dragging his girlfriend in his car and then fleeing the scene.
Sources say the case is “problematic," and internal affairs is now investigating whether the wounds were self-inflicted. "It’s kind of bizarre," the law enforcement official said. “We’re still sorting it out."
The male officer, whose name and age haven't been released yet, was stabbed in the side and hit in the head with an unknown object in his home at 170th Street near Liberty Avenue.
An off-duty Brooklyn cop was shot in New Jersey last night by the estranged husband of his girlfriend who walked in on them together.
An off-duty cop returning home from a shift was shot twice after he got caught in the middle of a gun fight in the Bronx this morning—and he still was able to collar the suspects.
The Post reports that convicted sexual assaulter Michael Pena is set to accept a plea deal today. He is expected to plead guilty to rape, and will not face significant (if any) additional prison time.
Michael Pena's defense attorney Ephraim Savitt wrote a passioned op-ed about what he calls an unjust sentence: "Is there a constitutional carveout for rape charges involving a police officer?"
When male and female cops arrived, the victim ran to the male officer: “This juror thought that a woman who had just been raped would be more likely to run to a female officer.”
“That’s ridiculous,” said eyewitness Ann Bishop. “Perfect cases are only on 'Law & Order.' In the real world, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.”
Police say that Officer Raymond Dimaria, 35, drove the wrong way down Second Avenue and smashed into a Nissan Maxima on East 63rd Street around 1:20 a.m.
Three jurors didn’t take the testimony of one witness seriously, dismissing him as the “skateboard witness.” His neighbor said: “He’s not a liar. Just because he rides a skateboard doesn’t make him a liar.”
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