Off broadway

"This is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make it happen for free, because I need to liquidate 75,000 balls in Lower Manhattan ASAP," the seller explains.
The show, which is all about blowjobs, is returning this winter and will blow your mind.
The play will be staged at SoHo Playhouse for five weeks.
The musical focuses on the show's first season.
'Friends! The Musical' will debut in the fall.
Oh man, wonder if they'll ever know...they're in the best selling show.
If you can score tickets...
Lunchtime poll: If you had to see one teen angst-driven film hit the Broadway stage, which would it be?
Everyone knows Dr. Ruth from her career as a pioneering sex
Ingenious playwright Melissa James Gibson talks about her funny and sad new play What Rhymes with America.
That noise you hear? That is a sigh of relief from theater fags the world over.
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