Occupy wall street

At a ten-year anniversary rally marking the start of the protest movement in Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park, demonstrators feel real change hasn’t been achieved, but is more necessary than ever.
He says a bait-and-switch left him in an apartment overlooking the Lincoln Tunnel entrance.
A gamer and stock trader got a taste of the NYPD's Broken Windows policing.
"If Bernie Sanders is saying we need a political revolution, the revolutionaries are answering that call.”
The NYPD has created a new group to police protests—and put a man known for excessive force and intimidation in charge of it.
The lawsuit asserts that arresting protesters for no reason is part of a "pattern, policy, and practice of the NYPD misapplying the disorderly conduct statute to peaceful protesters in New York City."
The protester argued that "the police department demonstrated a pattern of sexual misconduct against female OWS activists."
"We dressed in business suits and we vomited in red, white, and blue."
But activists can take the tour for free.
The protester was initially charged with assaulting a police officer (a felony), menacing, criminal possession of a weapon, resisting arrest, and inciting a riot.
Rodriguez was wrongfully arrested and roughed up by cops on the night they forcibly evicted Occupy Wall Street from Zuccotti Park.
"There's a law against everything. That's America."
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