The Columbia College Student Council called the threat of suspension an "overly severe sanction" for a non-violent protest.
"I believe this demonstrates the same disconnect we saw at the Cipriani club. The 1% thinks they can get away with stealing our future, and laugh at us while doing so," said an OccupyWallStreet member.
Colbert found protesters incredibly reasonable—although he was able to find one "nut job in a burlap sack with a squirrel hat and goggles that does performance art and puppet shows in the subway."
Is this the beginning of a months-long occupation of New York's Financial District by protesters?
NYU students: When they're not doing porn to pay tuition or collecting
Well, it's still unclear whether police used tear gas in breaking up
[UPDATE BELOW] Well, that was short and sweet, and everybody gets out
Student activists have occupied a New School building on 5th Avenue
We may have mentioned that the occupation of NYU's student center ended
Courtesy NYU Local. After less than 48 hours, the "Take Back
As you've probably heard, for several days a group of students at
It's been over 24 hours since New School students occupied the Graduate
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