Obesity epidemic

Like a caffeinated Rasputin releasing his gnarled grip on the riverbank of our thirst, the law requiring people to purchase two large drinks instead of a single, sickeningly giant drink, is dead.
Cinnabon has introduced a new 1,040-calorie minty treat.
"It is poor people that really get hurt" by obesity, the world's 13th richest person said.
We can't wait to pay an extra quarter for a special 16.9-ounce "Jailbait" cup of Vanilla Coke.
A soft drink "insider" complains that soda companies "spent huge sums" to alter their manufacturing process so that the bottle sizes would comply with the 16 ounce cap.
This morning Mayor Bloomberg announced that 21 companies voluntarily decreased the amount of salt in their products as part of a program he helped kickstart way back in 2008.
The ad gives us the unvarnished truth: "If you eat and drink more calories than you burn off, you'll gain weight."
Do you love your children enough to get them to drink sugar-coated vegetables?
How could tweaking the color of the onion in a burger raise sales? Are we really that stupid? (Yes, yes we are.)
At this point, we don't need a "Nanny," we need a friggin drill sergeant.
So whose fault is this? Everyone's, because we are all disgusting, horrible people.
Take our hand (wipe the grease off on your shirt first) and witness how the Snackening Of America begins.
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