The program aims to help New Yorkers manage their chronic diseases through lifestyle changes.
A new study looks at the health of the city as a whole from 2014, and obesity, diabetes, and sleeplessness are on the rise.
This week's question comes from a Queens straphanger with more to love.
One study says it's pretty much the same as high fructose corn syrup.
Save us from fat cells, Future Mayor Ray Ploshansky!
Americans will each eat a Michael Cera-sized amount of sugar each year.
Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Dr Pepper have vowed to help consumers cut the number of calories they consume through beverages by one-fifth over the next decade.
Somewhere in Bermuda, Michael Bloomberg sips a sugar-free diet cola and laughs.
Now you can see how much sodium goes into your favorite Wendy's chopped salad, and whether or not your Dominos delivery guy is killing you with fatty oil content.
Prescriptions for fruit and veggies? The City of New York is ready to be your pusherman.
The new snack guidelines are part of the government's "Smart Snacks In School" initiative.
According to the complaint, he was given the boot because he "wouldn't fit between the aisles."
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