Even though his roommate was once arrested in a meth sting, Mark Rosenthal says he's not a meth addict.
The CDC recently released a report on obesity rates in the United States, finding more than one third of adult Americans are obese, with New York State's 30+ BMI population weighing in at 24.5 percent.
Based on BMI, about one-third of Americans are considered obese, but when other methods of measuring obesity are used, that number may be closer to 60 percent!
Transit agencies struggle to accomodate the ever-expanding waistlines of their passengers.
Bucking the national trends the overall obesity rate among NYC kindergartners through eighth graders has dropped 5.5 percent in the last five years.
As you get third helpings this Thanksgiving, consider this tale of a man who had to stand on a 7-hour flight due to an obese passenger.
Half the population of America will be obese by 2030. But there may be a solution: start smoking marijuana!
"The woman was described as extremely heavy. She was extremely large-breasted...Because of the amount of flesh, it could have caused the baby to suffocate," said Detective Lt. Gerard Pelkofsky.
Donna Simpson, who made a career out of getting fat on camera, is going on a diet.
A convicted robber might beat the conviction because there aren't enough fat people to build a proper lineup.
A new study has some good news for chub chasers the world over.
NJ Governor Chris Christie explains why he's heavy—it's apparently because he eats a lot.
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