Nyu 2031

"It is a shift from an opaque box to something that is very much transparent to every pedestrian and everyone in the neighborhood."
NYU's imperial destiny appears somewhat less manifest.
Oh, you thought we were done hearing about NYU's massive 6 million-square-foot "2031" expansion plan after it was approved by the City Council? Pull up a freaking chair.
The City Council may have approved NYU's massive NYU 2031 expansion plan, but the fight isn't quite over yet. Not at all.
Greenwich Village residents are already pre-mourning the loss of a beloved 1.5 acre park that would fall prey to NYU's 2031 expansion plan.
And with a vote of 12-1, NYU's dreams of adding roughly two million square feet of new facilities to the superblocks below Washington Square Park inch ever closer to reality.
Can pigs fly? Because, whoa, NYU just blinked.
After being lambasted by the neighbors for their last stab at a
Left: Protesters, from CBS 2, Right: NYU's 2031 expansion overview. About
Photograph of Silver Towers by Tien Mao; inset of rendering from
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