The demonstration happened on Wednesday, stretching more than two blocks down Manhattan's First Avenue, as donors visited the school.
A new study shows Queens as a top transmission hub for the virus last spring, most likely due to less health surveillance being available for the borough's essential workforce.
“This school has nominally protective systems for harassment, (but) they're very often trying to protect the university...from bad press, and large financial settlements,” one Columbia graduate student said.
Dr. Céline Gounder, a New York University infectious disease specialist, anticipates another surge due to the U.K. variant and said local governments should not be loosening restrictions at this pivotal moment.
"Based on our overall conditions...the State has advised that at this point we should continue to carry on as we have been," a NYU official emailed the university community.
The professor is known for controversial views, including that 9/11 was an inside job.
Students living inside Rubin Hall have been ordered to self-isolate.
Eleven groups and unions, and 213 people, forming a coalition dubbed “NYU: Keep Our Campus Safe,” signed a letter to NYU expressing their concern.
Many of NYU’s roughly 300 resident assistants are Black or brown, immigrant, and/or low-income students who rely on the free housing and meals in order to attend NYU.
“I was perpetually pissed off..."
"I’m a student on a financial need based scholarship, I’m pretty much living off the housing refund and COVID relief grants till I can get some work," one student said. "I was hoping I wouldn’t need to worry about my meals at least, but guess not."
The university expects around 2,600 students to begin quarantining this week.
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