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Asked by a waitress if he was a 'gangster,' Hyun Kim allegedly pulled out his gun and pointed it at her.

Like the old saying goes: you can take the girl out of Jersey, but you can't take the squeegee out of Midtown.

Congressman Earl Blumenauer penned an editorial yesterday urging us to shut up and appreciate bike-share, goddammit, because it's going to change the world, and YOU GUYS DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW GOOD YOU'VE GOT IT.

In which we call the New York Times out for calling out the Post for exploitation.

According to the Post's trusty 16-year-old sources, Eric Arty seduced Warning as part of a $500 bet with friends—and now is regretting the bet: "I really started feelin' for the shorty," he reportedly said.

“It was a bet with a group of his friends...They gave him the $500 [pot],’’ referring to Arty and four friends who wagered over who could hook up with their teacher first.

If you get caught on video making out with your student in a public park, then you're probably doing something very wrong—and you may end up with your face plastered on the the NYPost.

The Post hates panhandling phonies—and today, their terrible eye landed upon a woman who they say has falsely claimed to be pregnant for the last 13 months.