Nypd shooting

The unidentified man was in critical condition at a local hospital.
The incident also took the life of an officer in a case of friendly fire.
The woman apparently called 911 to report a burglary in progress.
He and another plainclothes officer had spotted a heroin deal, police say.
The suspect is at large.
A man who tried to stop his girlfriend's unhinged ex-boyfriend from stabbing her and her kids in her Midwood apartment Monday night died from an NYPD gunshot wound.
The scene outside was occasionally tense, as those who couldn't get in expressed anger after being told by funeral employees that the space had reached its capacity.
The suspect had allegedly stabbed his roommate in Carroll Gardens.
The police say that the suspect fired at them, while the Post says another person did the actual firing while the suspect only aimed his gun at them.
She pleaded, "Just walk in my shoes, please, and understand my grief."
A cop told a woman to get off the sidewalk, prompting her to say, "Or what, you'll shoot me?" The officer replied, "No, but I'll slap you."
The witness never told the police that Kimani Gray didn't have a gun or that he backed up, but she told the Daily News, "There was no reason. No false move."
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