Nypd rant

"Word on the street is she used to date Teddy Roosevelt when he was PC."
The Brooklyn DA will look into a Facebook group that appears to have been comprised of NYPD officers making insensitive comments about the West Indian-American Day Parade.
When retired cop Paul Soto joined the force in 1993, he weighed
Should a soldier who served in Afghanistan be able to join the
Mayor Bloomberg has announced that the city will crackdown on the abuse
Note to public servants: Your embarrassing MySpace pages will get the tabloid
As if the whole failed Sonny Carson street naming proposal brouhaha needed
The firefighters' union has ratified a new contract with the city that
The Daily News reports that "scarecrow cars" are being used by
Rikers inmate David Brown who engaged a hit man to behead Police
Ah, one of the emerging marvels of MySpace is getting fired over
Last week, the police officer behind the website, NYPD Rant, was fired.
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