Nypd inspector general

The NYPD never investigated complaints of racial profiling or bias until it was ordered to do so as part of the landmark settlement in a civil-rights suit over its stop-and-frisk policy.
"It would be cruelly ironic if the public policy outcome of Eric Garner's death by chokehold was the expansion of the use of chokeholds."
In several of the ten cases examined, police used chokeholds "as a first act of physical force in response to verbal resistance."
The NYPD's IG begins his job today with a complaint against the police's practice of spying on political organizations.
The votes passed with the majorities necessary to override the mayor's veto.
Tonight around 10 p.m. the City Council will vote on bills that would allow citizens to meaningfully challenge discriminatory police practices and install an Inspector General to broadly review NYPD policy.
Yeah, the NYPD doesn't need an Inspector General.
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