Nypd corruption

The gun dealer who pleaded guilty to bribing cops to get gun licenses for his clients also recorded his conversations with police according to federal prosecutors.
Taj Patterson was left blind in one eye after he was attacked by five men that prosecutors say were members of the ultra-Orthodox Williamsburg Safety Patrol.
Gabi Grecko says she was hired to have sex with two cops and three other men while onboard a flight to Vegas in 2013.
The NYPD was giving licenses to people convicted of felonies.
The FBI reportedly took files from the Highway Patrol unit's office.
The NYPD Internal Affairs department, which is entrusted with investigating police corruption, has failed to adequately police the police, according to law enforcement experts, prosecutors, and current and former members of Internal Affairs.
After a lengthy undercover operation, the FBI has arrested eight current and former NYPD officers and charged them with crimes ranging from gun trafficking to conspiracy to smuggle cigarettes.
The NYPD officer who was charged with civil rights violations in connection with a stop-and-frisk arrest has now been accused of ruining another man's life: "I feel he [Daragjati] racially profiled me."
An eight-year NYPD veteran assigned to patrol Staten Island was arrested this morning and charged with civil rights violations in connection to an April stop-and-frisk arrest in Stapleton.
One defense attorney who has represented clients who say they were arrested falsely because of planted evidence, says, "The biggest problem in the Police Department, it seems to me, is the lack of accountability."
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