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At least two people were killed and several others injured. No motive has been released for the two-day rampage.

“That's something to be concerned about,” a retired NYPD sergeant tells Gothamist.

The suspect, who police say was driving a black Ford Mustang with no plates, has not been identified.

The city had already tapped a number of women- and minority-owned businesses to support the Internet Master Plan, a project launched during the de Blasio administration.

Police said the shootout began when officers responded to a report of a stolen car in the Bronx.

Advocates, mental health experts and others question whether cops have the training and guidance they need.

It’s unclear how these numbers will be affected by the city’s new policy for involuntarily removing people with presumed mental illness from streets and subways.

A police spokesperson said the boy had no criminal history and was intentionally targeted by the attackers.