The ruling confirmed the worst fears of local leaders, who worry about more handguns coming into public places.
The shooting took place early Sunday morning, around 5 a.m. in a parking lot near a busy stretch of Cross Bay Boulevard and Desarc Road in Ozone Park outside a catering hall, police said.
The pandemic exacerbated dangers for survivors of domestic abuse
The suspect was arrested on Saturday evening after two police officers – who were at the time conducting a video canvas – saw him walking down Utopia Parkway in Whitestone, Queens, according to the NYPD.
He faces between 16 months and four years in prison for the charge of criminal possession of a weapon charge, a felony.
“This is just bullying as municipal policy,” said Craig Hughes, a social worker with the Safety Net Project of the Urban Justice Center.
The Supreme Court is expected to hand down a decision as early as this week that could make it harder for New York to restrict concealed carry permits for firearms.
There were 118 recorded shootings in May, down from 172 in the same month last year, according to NYPD data.
Jerome Felipe retired from the NYPD in 2018, the agency said.
Despite legislation aimed building a fairer system, street vendors still say it's hard to do business legally.
Following the Texas school shooting and an uptick in weapons recovered form city schools, the mayor said he would remake a 2011 video in which he shows families how to search their children’s backpacks and rooms.
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