After a decades-long battle, the statue will be removed from the City Hall council chambers.
This is the first exhibition to focus on the women of LIFE magazine.
It's a Summer of Magic at the New-York Historical Society.
Now at the New-York Historical society, through September.
What items, works of art, and historic relics best embody this dirty ol' town? We asked some NYC institutions.
Editta Sherman spent 60 years photographing models, artists, writers, and other local celebrities during her residency in the Carnegie Hall Artist Studios.
The objects include more than 200 books, clippings, his iconic blue jacket, and more.
From 1961 to 1997, tattoos were illegal to get in NYC. Learn more about that at the upcoming NYHS tattoo exhibit.
This exhibit is really great, even if you aren't a comic book nerd.
Bill Cunningham's Facades opens at NYHS in March 2014, and features photographs of models in period costumes against the backdrop of 1960s and '70s NYC.
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