Yes, it's Fashion Week again.
It's at Pier 16—and you can buy clothes, too, duh.
Don't worry, fashion friends, PETA will find you wherever you are.
35 photos from outside of the shows at Lincoln Center.
Remember when people used to wear fur during Fashion Week, and then PETA danced around in cat costumes and nobody wore fur anymore?
Now, where can we purchase that Luke Skywalker dress?
The good, the bad, and the weather inappropriate.
What about George Costanza? "Yeah, I've heard of him... I like his style."
Photographer Navid Baraty dropped by the Fashion Week Circus on Friday, here's what he saw.
"Snakes and other reptiles may not be as familiar as cats and dogs, but they feel fear and pain," said the models, painted like snakes.
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