There will be 32 features at the "primarily in-person" film fest, which will have proof of vaccination requirement.
The adaptation, directed by Joel Coen, will premiere at the festival on September 24th.
Waters has also programmed an "art shocker" double feature at the drive-in for the festival.
Films from directors Steve McQueen, Chloe Zhao, and Azazel Jacobs were previously announced.
The film, starring Frances McDormand, is based on the non-fiction book about older Americans traveling across the country in search of work.
Free Time is premiering at NYFF, and will feature 16mm black-and-white footage shot by Manfred Kirchheimer and Walter Hess, showing New Yorkers (mostly) at ease and relaxing.
The New York Film Festival's Retrospective will survey works from legendary cinematographers.
There's also a documentary about NYC bookstores, and one following incarcerated people trying to earn their college degrees in New York State.
Anticipated films from Mati Diop and Céline Sciamma will also be screened.
Norton reimagined Jonathan Lethem's novel for his take on a New York-set neo-noir.
The main slate has 30 films from 22 countries.
'I believe we're a field of energy dancing for itself,' Carrey said, adding, 'And, uh, I don't care.'
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