Richard Davey doesn't have the celebrity or international resume of Andy Byford, but he does have a reputation as a coalition builder.
The 1960s-era subway cars are "the last subway car class in service to have a front window that passengers can look out of."
Feinberg will become chair of the MTA; Janno Lieber will become chief executive; and current chair/chief executive Patrick Foye will be appointed interim president and CEO at Empire State Development.
They don't love you like maps love you.
'I am writing this because it seems your policies are not created that recognize disabled patrons to have agency and authority over their own bodies.'
Awesome news if spreadsheets are your kind of thing–or you keep forgetting to refill your Ambien prescription.
The MTA is aware of that people don't like reading about subway-related deaths and is working on it. But y'all got to be patient.
What is going on? The MTA restoring services? Did hell freeze over?
If you don't claim your stuff from the MTA's Lost and Found they will sell it—the Authority has to close its budget gaps somehow!
The MTA's experiment, in which it removes trash cans from stations to reduce station litter, is going to expand to a few more stations this summer.
Shocking! "More signal in subway stations and platforms is leading to more robberies," a commanding officer in Brooklyn says.
Subway crime is up and the NYPD says it is taking the problem seriously. On Weekends, at least.
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