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New police data highlights stop and frisk trends during Mayor Eric Adams’ first year in office.

The NYCLU filed the federal lawsuit seeking to block the ban in Manhattan.

"[A]ny non-published internal version of that same database could reveal a great deal about the numbers of unresolved, unsubstantiated, or abandoned misconduct complaints that have yet to see the light of day."

“By no means has the NYPD entered a new era of transparency by disclosing only those misconduct complaints that they themselves deemed worthy of prosecution."

“You need to film as much as possible while keeping the privacy of others as safe as possible,” an NYCLU organizer recommended to protesters.

Advocates say police bias against transgender people, especially people of color, is pervasive.

"We have policy makers that weren't privy to this info either. That's a real failing."

"The release of this database is an important step towards greater transparency and accountability and is just the beginning of unraveling the monopoly the NYPD holds on public information and officer discipline."

The delay seemingly stems in part from errors made by attorneys for the city's Law Department.