The horse suffered lacerations to its midsection, head and front right leg.
Carriage horses may be limited to only Central Park.
Animal rights advocates say that horses are being forced to working in unbearable conditions.
"This is such a cruel industry... our Mayor is trying to ban it, and there's been so many accidents."
The drivers got a raise.
"If you ever drop your keys into a river of molten lava, let 'em go, because man, they're gone."
The horse was running up 11th Avenue.
A tourist says the horse was spooked, possibly grazed by a bus; the carriage horse drivers say the horse wasn't spooked.
There were no sightings of the actor outside the Park Millennium condos during the protest, and that it was unknown if Neeson was even inside his apartment.
'I don't even know who would think about taking a ride on a smelly carriage that's being pulled by an abused horse when they see this instead.'
Now de Blasio has kicked the ball on the issue to later this year, but he's still promising to get it done...even though he doesn't have the votes whatsoever.
The actor and carriage horse advocate invited the mayor and all 51 members of City Council to tour a Manhattan stable today.
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