A high concentration of knit scarves and body-mounted drums led, as it so often does, to a bit of violence.
The Red Bulls eliminated their arch-rivals for the second straight year, while the Cosmos advanced to the Soccer Bowl.
NYCFC fired their first ever head coach, because of course they did.
The Red Bulls earned their second major trophy in three years, while NYCFC went quietly into the no-postseason night.
The Red Bulls lead the East, while NYCFC's game wasn't broadcast.
Video showing an NYCFC fan getting tased by the NYPD has triggered a fan protest.
The Red Bulls won 2-0 over NYCFC for a regular season sweep.
The Red Bulls got revenge on Philly, while NYCFC slipped against Montreal.
NYCFC downed Orlando 5-3, as the Red Bulls had a week of strange results.
The Red Bulls beat New England 4-1, while NYCFC tied Toronto 4-4.
The Red Bulls and NYCFC will have a presence at the parade, by way of MLS.
His first game will probably be July 26th at Yankee Stadium.
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