Nyc transit

The former Massachusetts transportation secretary is giving New York City a preview of his leadership style.
Davey started his first day at a subway station in Jackson Heights
“I’d love to see any of you try to park a wheelchair with strollers, shopping carts, bags in the way," one wheelchair user said.
"Davey lives with his wife and two rescue cats and has not owned an automobile in 12 years," the MTA's press release said.
Subway cars, for example, the comptroller notes, should be replaced every 40 years. Currently, about 40% of the MTA’s 6,500 subway cars are over 30 years of age.
Riders welcomed overnight trains once again, while adding that they are more alert.
Did the MTA wade too far into political waters, or is it staking out an issue of concern to the voters?
After weeks of feuding between the MTA and the city about whether the subways really have gotten more dangerous, the NYPD has agreed to send in auxiliary officers.
Can a little extra space incentivize builders to make the subways more accessible?
The agency is hoping for another $8 billion in funding from the Biden administration and the Democratic-led House and Senate.
“We cannot wait any longer for Washington to act because the reality is they’re not going to act."
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