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New York City students who are under the age of five will need to continue wearing masks in class, even if the school mask mandate is lifted by Mayor Eric Adams next week, because those kids are not currently eligible for COVID vaccines, a spokesperson for the mayor said.
The teleprompter malfunctioned, giving Banks another opportunity to blast the Department of Education's "bureaucracy."
"Today, when our staff was so low we didn’t have enough teachers to cover all the classes, district personnel were sent to our school. They do not have teaching licenses so they were unable to cover any classes."
"Schools play a role of safety and stability for our children," the mayor said at a Bronx elementary school on Monday.
The legislation would shrink public school classes over three years, starting next fall, by mandating more square footage per student.
The city will also bring back first dose vaccine sites to schools that had high demand.
Students currently enrolled can complete the program.
Administrators scramble to make the new program work. “We were all losing our minds,” one principal said.
To find community meal sites, visit, call 311, or text “FOOD” or “COMIDA” to 877-877.
Mayor de Blasio’s announcement walks back his position that he expected some families could opt to continue learning remotely next year.
The city has decided to fully fund schools directly under a formula that was long shortchanged.
Elementary and District 75 school students return to class Monday.
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