Nyc public schools

A Department of Education spokesperson confirmed that the city is "reevaluating" decisions it made last year for admissions.
“We’re going to keep shifting personnel and vaccine to the sites where there’s a lot of demand," de Blasio promised.
Students currently enrolled can complete the program.
As the delta variant continues to spread, federal health regulators are shifting their stances on mask-wearing for the vaccinated.
New York City will launch vaccination sites at 25 summer schools starting on Monday.
An NYC Comptroller's audit found 5,700 water fixtures had high lead levels in 2018 and 2019. More than half weren't remedied after three months.
A Bronx middle school has been teaching students about COVID and has recently added information about the vaccine to science classes.
While coordinated with the United Federation of Teachers union, the updated protocol still doesn’t fully follow the guidance outlined by the CDC.
"I'm not interested in informing parents, I'm interested in engaging with parents, I'm interested in being a part of conversations with parents."
About 100,000 students with disabilities are required to be taught by two teachers, but many just have one teachers.
Nearly 60% of Asian students—or roughly 6 out of 10—have opted out of in-person learning, the most of any race or ethnic group in the city school system.
Could reducing the number of students with double sessions, allow for better ventilation and more space to socially distance?
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