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As more New Yorkers have flocked to the park at night, some local residents have raised concerns about an increase in music, litter, vandalism, and drug use
Park-goers will soon have access to a lush and dazzling green space, intersected by winding pathways and weathered steel arches that towers above the Hudson River in concrete pods.
The "Toss Your Trash Campaign" will feature signs at bus shelters, grocery stores, and, of course, park entrances.
Activists will hold a socially distant demonstration on Thursday morning.
"It's insensitive! It's arrogant! It's self-destructive! It's disrespectful to other people! It has to stop and it has to stop now!"
If you want to break the law on four wheels outside Brooklyn Borough Hall, it pays to have a multi-ton vehicle and a job with a city.
Right where an artist was forcefully arrested for selling his work earlier this month.
“For a brief moment, I believed I was going to die just like Eric Garner."
'It's important to try to avoid contact with any algae and keep pets on leashes... do not allow them to enter or drink from lakes and ponds unless in areas specifically designated for such activities.'
Another large patch of poison ivy was spotted growing into a public sidewalk.
Among its findings, the Comptroller's report found 53 restrooms that may be actively dangerous.
The water from one drinking fountain in Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx has 50 times as much lead in it as permitted by federal regulations, according to an official test.
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