Nyc marathon

The 26.2-mile long block party made a joyous return yesterday after being canceled in 2020.
There will be staggered starts and social distancing.
The chief executive of the New York Road Runners, the nonprofit behind the NYC Marathon, will step down following allegations that he fostered a toxic and racist work culture at the running club.
There is no practical way to socially distance in a mass running event, especially one as large and popular as the New York City marathon, where last year 53,640 participants finished the race.
Huge crowds of spectators turned out for the 26.2-mile-long block party.
No runners were reported missing after the New York City marathon, but the body was dressed in leggings and wrapped in a heat blanket.
The Internet was outraged by the proposal, which occurred at mile 16 of the marathon.
Perfect fall weather for the city's biggest block party
In North Brooklyn, spectators showered the runners with love, encouragement, snacks, and a million high fives
Ghebreslassie is the youngest champion in NYC Marathon history.
The 1970 race took place entirely in Central Park and only 55 of 126 runners managed to finish.
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