Nyc department of health

Anyone not infected during the first months of the year would still likely be susceptible to infection with BA.2 and other omicron spinoffs, hence why the city has moved from low to medium risk.
The latest city data show continued declines in weekly case rates in Brooklyn, but test positivities in some neighborhoods are still well above the citywide average.
Escalating his battle with the mayor, Governor Andrew Cuomo on Friday said state health officials may fine New York City for failing to enforce the state's public health rules.
"Eventually, and maybe even right now, in many of these neighborhoods, more testing is very likely not going to contain it, even if there is contact tracing."
"I think every New Yorker needs to be prepared and realize that we are probably going to see more cases of coronavirus in New York City."
Several family doctors said they don’t have the appropriate facilities to treat coronavirus patients.
Please continue to be extremely graphic when describing your confrontation with a terrible meal!
Main St. v. Wall St.! Some New Yorkers are up in
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