Nyc budget

But expected cuts to funding for the health system could spell trouble down the road.
On his first “Tin Cup Day,” the mayor doubled down on calls to amend bail reform while seeking more funding to help working class New Yorkers and the mentally ill.
Adams, who has called city government “dysfunctional,” says he wants to consolidate managerial jobs.
Activists, educators and teachers feel shifting funds for school safety officers is not enough
"We have zero information on what the budget would be."
Looming fiscal pressures will squeeze the budget and make it more difficult for the city government to deliver on promises to educate kids, keep the streets safe, and help those in need.
The budget includes $58 million to New York City Housing Authority, which lost over $200 million thanks to the sequester.
Photograph of Mayor Bloomberg and UFT president Mulgrew (far right) at
Even though he mentioned that 20 fire companies would be closed
Last week, Mayor Bloomberg blamed Albany and Governor Paterson for giving
Photograph of Mayor Bloomberg going through the FY 2011 budget from
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