Nyc as seen on tv

The Year 2000 was a different time, but still, this aspiring songwriter inexplicably struck real estate gold.
Even though the street scenes look like nothing you'd actually find in the Village, there are still some moments in the show that speak truths about the city.
Unlike many productions at the time, it was partially filmed in NYC.
'The Get Down' gets some things right in their portrayal of the Bronx in the 1970s.
We've rounded up some of our favorite local moments from one of our favorite NYC shows.
Pizza Rat, Elmo, and De Blasio headlines all make appearances in season 2.
This appears to be some version of Brooklyn's waterfront that was Scotch-taped together in post-production.
It doesn't quite hit the mark we thought it would. Not yet, at least.
Or maybe they should just give their city a soap opera name.
The MTA tells us it doesn't look like any train car we've had in our subway system.
Network television goes to Ridgewood!
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