There are nearly 200 replicas of NYC landmarks, just made of leaves, bark, seeds, berries, acorns, and other bits of flora
Cosmic Nature features huge outdoor sculptures, a floating Narcissus Garden, and Kusama's first-ever obliteration greenhouse.
The gardens, waterfalls and wide open spaces are now open.
This year's special focus is Central Park, isn't that something?
The anticipated exhibit is coming in 2020.
'The chemical composition of the flower is actually similar to a number of terrible odors all mixed together from rotting fish to limburger cheese.'
Should the smelly corpse flower be the official flower of NYC summers?
The orchids are here, and one is named after Awkwafina!
This year they focused on Lower Manhattan.
This one minute timelapse is worth watching til the very end. Wait for it...
The NYBG has announced their new corpse flower has opened up, and is emitting its rotten smell.
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