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The group of ex-NY1 employees say they’re at the mercy of Charter Communications to submit their work for Emmys consideration because they don't have access to their footage.

"We have mutually agreed to part ways," said the statement from Roma Torre, Amanda Farinacci, Vivian Lee, Jeanine Ramirez, and Kristen Shaughnessy.

'We want to fight ageism, and it has to be something that's very very visible. Even a worker who's 20 now, they'd better pay attention, because that could happen to them 20 years later.'

"Men and younger women... are getting the top anchor positions and time slots while older women are pushed aside and marginalized."

Governor Cuomo insulted NY1 as its parent company is being pushed out of the state, but this apparently wasn't newsworthy.

Taking photos or videos in public is perfectly legal. Breaking someone else's camera is not, as far as we can tell, legal.

Stewart was most upset that Grimm went after an NY1 reporter—after all, who else would literally read the news to you in the morning?

Why say something in three syllables when you can say it in nine?