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He appreciated the energy and irreverence of the tabs as much as the next hardboiled New Yorker but sensationalism was not at all his thing.

'We know who we are and have always been. The best steak you can eat. Not the latest kale salad.'

Someone called Bret Stephens a "bedbug" on Twitter. Then the jokes really started flying.

Some NY Times staffers have reportedly objected to the lack of information and transparency regarding Jamieson's resignation.

Kakutani had been the most feared book critic in the country for decades.

The restaurant still beckons to tourists (and bloggers) like moths to a frosted tip flame.

Critic Pete Wells thinks the restaurant is a snooze: "By the end of my third meal, I was desperate for some break in the monotony."

We come here to talk about patchy beards and the men who struggle to grow them.

Adultish millennials buying apartments, sad bachelors who yearn, Snapchat-obsessed rich kids and more Brunch Hate Reads from 2016.