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A photographer's requests for protective gear like mask and a press helmet went unheard during the pandemic and mass protests, according to the suit.

This is in violation of store policy, so the Post assigned three reporters to investigate.

New York City's tabloid tradition of 24/7 local news coverage is one breath from death. Two weeks ago, the Daily News eliminated its overnight shift for news photographers, known as the "lobster trick."

"When you start publishing bigotry and racism among New Yorkers, no. That has to stop."

After a touch-and-go couple of years, it seems we've finally found an answer to journalism's profitability problem.

45 of the laid-off employees were editorial; it's unclear whether the remainder were people fired on Monday or future layoffs, according to the Post.

The feverish panic of early 2010s hipster insurgency is still alive and well over at the Murdoch tabloid.

The bullies still have the pulpit at the synagogue.