New York had been arguing that the MTA needed more of the funds.
For two coworking space operators, their revenue dropped 70-80% when the virus struck.
While Cuomo and Murphy are stressing the safety of citizens, their plans vary in levels of transparency.
NY housing is not affordable for a significant number of rents and home owners.
Hundreds of teens apparently had a rager in an empty house, and punched holes in walls, peed on rugs, and smashed windows.
One lawmaker reacted to the maps by saying, "Holy crap they drew the Astoria Senate district into something that looks like a baby alien popping out of a stomach!!"
NJ Governor Chris Christie has a farewell message for outgoing NY
Lest you think NJ has all the good vanity license plates,
Photo via idle type's flickr A recent nationwide round-up of metropolitan
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