Eating a 2,500 calorie milkshake in one sitting is not advised.
Sports fans, and everyone else for that matter, you may want to avoid these foods during the Big Game on Sunday... and every day thereafter.
Who says two tablespoons of tomato paste doesn't count as a full serving of vegetables?
At the behest of Congress the Institute of Medicine has proposed new food labels that would simplify nutrition information down to one, two, three or no stars.
Professional placenta-preparer is a hot new occupation catering to parents with an appetite for afterbirth.
Obama officially unveiled his new "modernist" nutrition plate today, replacing the oft-criticized food pyramid of years past.
First Lady Michelle Obama was in town today to bring Let's Move,
Well, this isn't going to be good for America's obesity problem
Perhaps that "Healthy Foods Financing Initiative" was more of a personal
A class-action lawsuit filed by a Brooklyn woman could turn your
Food personality Rachael Ray and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand are so on
Even though the Bronx has some of the highest obesity rates
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