Sometimes, bodega workers don't want to card young-looking customers.
Lawmakers don't want this year's Dominican Day Parade to be embarrassing—because last year, the cops had to mace people partying in the streets and a pregnant teen was stabbed in the head.
A bill just passed in the New York State Senate and now awaiting vote in the Assembly could make it much harder on those who sell the sweet homemade booze "Nutcracker."
Police are once again planning to crack down on peddlers of Nutcracker, a sickly sweet homemade mixture of liquor and sugar sold in styrofoam cups.
At the end of a November NY Times review, critic Alastair
Authorities busted Bronx bodegas for selling "nutcracker"—a sweet cocktail illegally sold
Remember "nutcracker" — the bootleg concoction of booze and fruit juice
You got to hand it to kids — they always find
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