Nursing home

In recent weeks, the union has warned that some 33,000 members employed at 250 nursing homes in New York City and the surrounding areas could go on strike if they don’t get the pay raises and benefits.
The report is expected to cover Cuomo’s handling of nursing homes and the potential misuse of state resources, among other subjects.
In New York City and its surrounding areas, more than a dozen nursing homes recorded COVID-19 vaccination rates that rose 20 percentage points or more in just five days.
Some unvaccinated health care workers will lose their jobs on Monday. Others will receive a grace period. Nursing homes could face deep staff shortages.
"It's about being more transparent,” Governor Kathy Hochul said.
A former senior health official says Commissioner Howard Zucker contributed to “an environment of fear,” but some say he deserves a second chance.
"The governor needs to be held accountable for everything that he's done wrong," said one member of the NY Assembly's Judiciary Committee.
Roberta Kaplan resigned from Time's Up, the women's rights organization she co-founded.
Three truths became self-evident this week when new data on the delta variant spooked federal health officials.
The issue gained a new sense of urgency during the COVID-19 pandemic as reports of understaffed intensive care units and nursing homes reached the public.
After years of going nowhere, minimum staffing requirements for hospitals and nursing homes passed both houses on Tuesday.
While state officials say the policy is needed to keep hospital beds open for acute-care patients, critics told Gothamist/WNYC the lack of transparency fits a pattern, one that prioritizes nursing homes over patients and their families.
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