Local and federal health officials have recommended COVID-19 vaccines during pregnancy for months, but women report at least two New York City-run sites aren't following protocol.
As part of our ongoing Grading de Blasio series, WNYC/Gothamist asked a panel of local health experts to look at how the mayor managed the calamity and what he leaves behind as New York City preps for future surges.
The Brooklyn hospital has had to postpone radiology appointments and move surgeries after one in 18 employees refused a COVID-19 vaccine mandate this week.
After years of going nowhere, minimum staffing requirements for hospitals and nursing homes passed both houses on Tuesday.
“I feel like this is my calling, and this is where I belong. Every time I go home, I feel like there's another patient out there that I can help, another family I can support.”
Mothers can now nurse or pump privately at Newark, JFK, LaGuardia, and Stewart Airports.
A nurse who works with cancer patients at NYU Medical Center left a touching thank you note for the pilot and flight crew who flew her to NYC on Christmas day. The Internet responded in kind.
After Facebook removed photos of breast-feeding mothers from profile pages and albums,
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