The gut-busting dish joins three other new weekly specials, including a Chicken Cordon Bleu nugget and another that riffs on a Cubano sandwich.
A bit of fun trivia for you when you go and get one of those new "tempura-stye" chicken nuggets at Burger King.
In American Nerd: The Story of My People, Brooklyn-based writer Benjamin Nugent
Knicks 89 Philadelphia 76ers 81: The Knicks enjoyed a team effort
Devils 6, Flyers 2: After three failed bids to get Martin Brodeur
Magic 112, Knicks 102: As fun as it is to jump
Knicks 119, Nuggets 112: Isiah Thomas had his Knicks go toe-to-toe
Mavericks 92, Knicks 77: No one is surprised the Knicks lost this
Nets 112, Nuggets 102: No NBA regular-season game should be billed as
It is getting impossible to root for the Knicks anymore. The franchise
What’s another $17 million at this point? Friday night the Knicks figured
And the hits just keep on coming for the Knicks. The Knicks
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