A Williamsburg real estate firm has agreed to pay a former broker $15K after a lawsuit over her uploading nude photos of herself to the company’s accounts.
Cookie Monster can't take his googly eyes off some semi-nude women in Times Square.
One former Playgirl model says that though his photo shoot days are far behind him, he still suffered from harassing taunts from co-workers at his decidedly non-steamy desk job.
Fire Island National Seashore authorities have announced that they will start enforcing long-standing laws banning nude sunbathing.
Among the NY State highlights from yesterday's election: Staten Island voters like their incumbent DA, and upstate NY voters rejected candidates with artsy nude photos.
One legislator is feeling the heat after his Republican opponents revealed that he has two nude photographs on his personal website—except the candidate proudly admits he posed nude for a photography project while in college.
Take a closer look at the nudes that took over Wall Street yesterday, but be warned, once you click past the first photo it's NSFW!
Why are you wearing clothes right now, it's National Nude Day, y'all.
A man arrested for sunbathing in the nude while covered in olive oil in an Indiana park asked, “I’m from New York. Can’t I do this here?” when police confronted him.
Next month photographer Erica Simone will unveil her nude self-portraits in
Is New Jersey going nude? The state has a nude beach
For those of you wondering what it feels like to ride among
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