Nuclear power

A state government official said that the company that wants to decommission the nuclear power plant is "not incentivized to do a thorough job, they’re incentivized to maximize profit."
The remaining two reactors will be shut down in 2020 and 2021.
The Westchester County nuclear plant will cease its operations according to a report, giving New Yorkers one less thing to be paranoid about.
Radioactivity in groundwater near the plant spiked by 65,000 percent.
Nothing to see here, folks.
"This is not a test."
One of Indian Point's nuclear reactors was shut down earlier today, but there's nothing to worry about.
Even with years of rigorous emergency drills, the community around Fukushima was unprepared. Indian Point lacks firefighting equipment, and the evacuation plan would take nine-and-a-half hours to evacuate the 450,000 people within a 10-mile radius.
On Thursday the Nuclear Regulatory Commission approved a license request for
Blinky be buggin'
You can really feel his passion for paychecks the truth watching Rudy Giuliani stands in front of a green screen and tells us all about how safe Indian Point is.
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