An organizer of the demonstration claims that the ceremony caused 33 Thames Street to shrink by 40 feet.
"[W]e must cast out this idol."
The former AT&T Long Lines Building may be home to one of the NSA's three "core" spy sites.
New York "is all that they hate, so we are the most likely target." Now stop encrypting your phone.
"Our agents would dispute that having a conversation at a restaurant or a gym is private. There should not be an assumption of privacy."
It turns out that those Windows error messages really are a government conspiracy
You too could be a reporter at FOX News if your screen wasn't so small.
A new billboard advertisement on West Broadway just south of Canal has a cryptic message for you: "Your data should belong to the NSA.
Not that any of this should be surprising anymore.
Your encryption and thus your privacy has been totally compromised because the NSA has spent years and billions of dollars making sure it's worthless.
A Long Island woman says police searched her house and interrogated her husband because her family had used home computers to search Google for pressure cookers and backpacks.
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