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Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg led an unsuccessful push for the emerging crimefighting tool in 2010.

It will be the court's first major Second Amendment case in more than a decade, and the first since ultraconservative justices gained a majority of the seats on the court.

In August, New York's state AG Letitia James sued the NRA over allegations it diverted millions of dollars "for personal use by senior leadership."

The NRA is incorporated as a not-for-profit in New York, and is overseen by the AG's Charities Bureau, which has been investigating the pro-gun rights organization for months.

The NRA claims Cuomo is infringing on the organization's First Amendment Rights. "See you in court," says Cuomo.

The National Rifle Association seems to have taken an interest in our local political scene.

A Union general in the Civil War, George Wood Wingate was disturbed by the inadequate skills of the Northern soldiers, feeling they lacked discipline and were poor marksmen.

About 100 people attended an NRA fundraiser at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Dyker Heights.

Megyn Kelly's new NBC morning show seems to be getting off to a rough start.

And Katie Couric stopped by to talk about her new documentary, "Under the Gun," which focuses on the facts and terms surrounding gun control.