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Tom Wolfe, the debonair essayist and author of landmark non-fiction and novels including 'The Right Stuff' and 'Bonfire Of The Vanities' who also helped create the immersive New Journalism literary movement, has died.

Let's just hope this time, his editor cut the 50+ pages worth of diatribes about lonely high court judges.

Penguin Press released a very strange trailer for Pynchon's new novel today featuring a talkative young man in a t-shirt reading, "Hi, I'm Thomas Pynchon."

The description of the novel is enough to make our mouths water: it's a "historical romance on New York in the early days of the internet." And below, you can read the first page!

HBO is turning its nose on the a project with a Jonathan Franzen-Noah Baumbach-Scott Rudin pedigree!

Photo by Joe Schumacher The novel that's been posted up around

via NY Post After all the press (s)he's getting, we're guessing

Snooki at Borders in NYC yesterday, via the AP Nicole "Snooki"